Turnkey Self Publishing Mastery


Being a published author will change your life. It will give you expert authority and make you the expert in the room. It doesn’t matter if you think you can write or not. You will transform your life by being a  published author, and maybe a best selling author. If you own a business, no matter what kind, imagine if you had a book to say you wrote the book on that.

I have hit best selling status twice in my first 5 months of publishing. I can teach you too. Generate residual income for life. Make money while you sleep. Conquer your niche and explore other niches.

Now is the best time to start a business, become an author, or make money online. Why? Because everyone is online. Billions upon billions. Imagine if just one percent of the Billions of  people online wanted to buy your product. That’s still hundreds of thousands of buyers buying your brand and coming back for more. Now imagine 2% or 10%. Wow! You get the idea?

I will help you conquer the world by becoming an author, a best selling author, or digital product creator. Imagine if you had dozens of products making you money like soldiers marching into cyberspace while you sleep, answering the prayers of consumers 24 hours a day. Whatever experience you have, someone wants to know about it. You can help thousands, or millions.

“Everyone has at least one book in them...”

Write your book and become a published author. Anyone can do it, regardless of experience. All you have to do is want to, and not stop until you have finished. I am going to give you the step by step system to publish digitally, and hardcopy. List your books on the world wide markets like Amazon, Createspace, Barnes & Nobles, or support it yourself from your own website.

It is easier than ever before to become a published author. With new POD technology, the market has cut out the middlemen Big Fish Publishers. You can publish from your own home, or even the beach while you sip a piña colada.

“Don’t stop there...build your brand by publishing book, after book, after book”

Once you learn how to do it, you can repeat the system over, and over, and over again. Write a series of books, publish them,and have your readers waiting for the next installment like hungry dogs. It’s all up to you. All you have to do is want to. I will teach you how.

“Create digital products not just books, but systems that teach people how to (fill in the blank).”

After you learn the basics and become a world wide publisher, create digital products that teach people how to do something, and profit unimaginably. You can charge from $300 to several thousand dollars for your teaching system. The sky is limit. Everyone knows something that someone else wants to learn. I will show you how to do all of this!

Turn the Key to your career, Business, and Life!